Learn The 3 Secrets To Writing Words That Sell Your Coaching Services

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Would You Like A Business Full of Happy, Paying Clients?

The reason you’re struggling with your copy and messaging right now is simple.

You’ve been told to just brainstorm your way into the minds of your potential clients, and then been handed bunches of templates that cause more headaches than they solve problems. 

There is an easier way 🙂

Learn my complete system that teaches you how to write sales copy that attracts and converts clients

This is done through a mix of 1-on-1 calls, personalised feedback & editing sessions, writing accountability, and habit creation. 

When you sign up, the first thing that happens is that you get a login to all the training videos for the program (which are yours to keep forever).

We then book your 1-on-1 kick-off call, to set your goals and vision for our time together.


Join The Confident Copy Club

(I may have gone a little bit overboard with the alliteration there…☝️☝️☝️)

The Confident Copy Club  – henceforth to be known as The CC Club – is a writing and mentoring community to help you attract paying clients for your online courses, programs and services.

(3 month payment plan)

A New Client Within Two Weeks


Emma signed up to work with me because she felt that her marketing was stale, her posting was inconsistent, and she wanted to increase the number of leads reaching out to her.

In the first two weeks working together, we focused on a deep-dive into rewriting her offer.

Within a day of sharing her ‘Bulletproof Offer’, she had a new enquiry.

Within a week, she had a new client.

So…how does it work?

You get access to a complete system that’s been designed to help you learn how to write sales copy that attracts and converts clients.

This is done through CopyKits (more on those below…), a mix of 1-on-1 calls, personalised feedback & editing sessions, writing accountability, and habit creation. 


Lifetime Access To The Copywriting Vault

Videos, worksheets, templates – everything you need to write persuasive copy for your online business.


12 Months Access To The CC Club

Weekly copy audit calls, writing sprints, VIP strategy calls and more…

Your path through The CC Club looks like this…


A VIP strategy call

This is a 60-minute session where we look at your current offer and create a strategy for you to get the most out your time in The CC Club.


Quarterly catch-up calls

You can take these calls at 3-month intervals during your 12 months in the club.

These calls are 20 minutes long, and are just you and I on a call.

We check in to make sure you’re staying on track.

I keep you accountable for your goals and ensure you’re showing up to get the most out of your time in the program.


Weekly copy-audit sessions

These are copy coaching slots for you to get 1-on-1 editing and feedback on your sales copy while on a live call. 


Personalised copy feedback

Submit what you’re working on, and get direct feedback on your copy.

You’ll get a personalised video with actionable edits you can implement straight away.


Procrastination-busting writing sprints

You hop on a Zoom call (cameras on or off…up to you) with others who want to book non-negotiable writing time into their calendar.

I’ll be there on hand if you have questions.

Show up consistently these sessions, and you’ll create a profitable writing habit for your business.


Access to support in the members-only Facebook group.

If you’re stuck or feeling confused, we answer your questions and guide you with your next step – keeping you moving forward consistently


Monthly Masterclasses

Each month there will be a training to help you with marketing  your business.

These will be run by me, or I’ll bring in guest experts to share their expertise with you.

(3 month payment plan)

More engagement and new clients…


Jasmine used her time in the program to narrow down her messaging and integrate that into her entire sales process.

She enrolled new clients.

She had potential clients reaching out to her in her DMs.

She had people messaging her to thank her – telling her how much she’s transformed their life just from the content she was posting.


Everything You Need To Write Words That Sell Your Coaching Services

I’ve structured this program into ‘CopyKits’, rather than modules.

There are no long trainings…just bite-sized videos, templates, frameworks and action-items.

You also don’t have to work through the program in a linear way.

Instead you go the section that helps with what your working on in that moment.


Uncover Your Brand Message

Learn why typical ‘client avatar’ exercises don’t work, (and what to do instead).

✅ Find out what your dream clients ACTUALLY want you to help them with (and stop guessing, copying others or making it up as you go.)

✅ Finally understand what your audience is struggling with – and how to tap into the language they use to describe it themselves.

✅ Get insight into how to position yourself as the ONLY choice for the people you’re best positioned to help.

✅ Learn my Customer Voice X-Ray Technique – these are three easy to implement techniques to discover what your market is really struggling with (so you can meet them where they’re at with your messaging).

✅ Create your Messaging Matrix – the blueprint to signing up more of your perfect clients by finding the specific messages that connect with them on that journey.

✅ Create your brand swipe file that contains all the ideas, inspiration and copywriting gold to speak directly to your ideal clients.

✅Get access to the templates and worksheets I use to get my clients to give me 80% of the content I use to write profitable sales copy.


Creating Irresitible Offers

In this module you’ll learn how to create offers that practically sell themselves. 

✅ Learn a repeatable process for creating irresistible offers. Once you learn how to do this, you’ll be able to launch new offers quickly and profitably (without ever second-guessing yourself)

✅ Develop a clear message for your offer so people know exactly what they get working with you (which makes it easy for them to reach out and enquire about working with you)

✅ Discover how to confidently price yourself and your services.

✅ Finally learn how to create (and articulate) a ‘dream outcome’ for your clients. Run your coaching service through my ‘dream outcome’ framework so you can confidently promote what you do.

✅ Learn how to connect your services to your ideal client, so that you’re always pulling the right people into your world

✅ Uncover the driving force that makes your ideal client absolutely HAVE TO work with you. When you articulate this into selling your offer, everything else falls into place.

✅ Why you need to break your offer down into mini-wins (and how to craft this into your offer).

✅ Learn how to effortlessly balance the symptoms and outcomes of your offer through your sales copy.

✅Learn how to explain exactly what people get from working with you, and create a crystal clear message with your offers

✅Learn how to explain the benefits of your work, and describe the transformations your clients get from working with you


Copywriting Techniques & Templates

Frameworks, templates and step-by-step guidance on what to say, and where. No more feeling of ‘where do I even start?’

✅ I’ll show you how to write headlines that do 80% of the selling for you…and how to use them so that they don’t sound ‘Headline-ey’ (no click-bait on my watch!).

✅ Includes 30 headline templates with 180 real-life examples. You’ll never be stuck with how to write a headline again

✅ I’ll guide you through the right way to apply copywriting ‘formulas’ to your writing. They’re the cherry on top, not the whole enchilada (to mix my metaphors).

Run everything you write through the Persuasive Copy Checklist. When you get in the habit of doing this, you’ll internalise the art of persuasion (and over time, writing ‘sales copy’ will become easier and more natural).

Ditch the overly professional or airy-fairy language. I’ll show you my ‘secret hack’ to making your copy more conversational

You get my Persuasive Bullet Templates. These fill-in-the-blank bullet points are persuasive nuggets of copy that get more people signing up for your programs and services


Selling on Social

Spend around 10-20 minutes/day writing posts that genuinely get more people enquiring about your services.

✅ Get access to my Social Flow Framework that allows you to plan out your content strategy for each month in less than an hour

✅ Always have a birds-eye view of your content. No more worries about repeating yourself, or being boring or repetitive.

✅ Easily prepare batches of content for all the social media platforms

✅ Know exactly what to write each day with the Brand Aura System – and be confident that you’re writing about topics that your audience wants to hear about

✅ Follow my step-by-step framework for writing sales posts (that turn lurkers into buyers)…while staying authentic to your brand voice. No more worrying about coming across as ‘sleazy’.

✅ Kick procrastination to the curb. When you connect your content back to the ‘trigger’ ideas from your research, you have everything you need at your fingertips to just get it written, posted…and then move on with your day

✅ Get access to frameworks that allow you to write social media posts that that quickly build rapport with your audience and get potential clients reaching out to work with you (most clients only take 10 minutes to write a post once this is up and running)

✅ Learn how to write posts that fully resonate with your audience, and get into a rhythm so that you do it consistently.

✅ Learn a proven 3-step process for writing engaging and conversion-focused content in 20 minutes or less per post.


Sales Page and Landing Pages

Get access to my 6-figure sales page framework. This document is the template I use to create sales pages for my clients. I’ve used this framework on launches that have been responsible for 5-figure paydays and 6-figure revenue streams.

Step-by-step guidance on how to write your sales pages (no more guessing, or tearing your hair out in frustration).

Get access to a high-converting optin page template. Whether you’re running a challenge, a webinar, or growing your email list…getting the right people signing up to your ‘thing’ is vital to your success



Emails That Connect and Convert

Create a welcome sequence that develops a strong relationship with people who are new to your world. 

Launching or selling? Get access to the sales sequence framework that’s sold programs and services for my clients.

75+ subject line templates. Never be stuck with how to grab the attention of people on your email list. 



Websites That Convert

What if you could write website copy that leaves no doubt with your readers that YOU are the perfect coach for them?


✅ Getting more perfect clients booking in for discovery calls…

✅ Becoming known as THE go-to coach in your niche…

✅ Feeling confident that your website is communicating so well with your potential clients, that they’re utterly convinced you’re their perfect match

Learn all the copy-tricks you need (and none that you don’t) to create a website that grabs your readers by the eyeballs, and makes them hit the ‘BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL’ button.

Monthly Masterclasses

You get immediate access to the below masterclasses that have already been run inside The Copy Club

Email welcome sequence that connects and converts

How to write a email sequence that connects with your new subscribers, and positions you as the best person to help them.

      Write a 30 Day Social Media Content Plan

      This was an interactive workshop where we created a 30 day social media content plan in just 60 minutes.

          Lead Generation on Social Media

          A masterclass on how to grow your audience through simple strategies paired with compelling content.

              Upcoming Masterclasses and Topics

              Getting More Clients Through Pinterest

              Guest expert session

                  Growing your audience and getting more leads with You Tube

                  Guest Expert Session

                      Introduction to SEO

                      Writing evergreen content for your website

                          PAY-IN-FULL BONUS

                          Copy Clinic Session

                          (Value £250)

                          Would you like to have a writer who’s been responsible for making serious money for their clients, to run their eyes and brain over your copy?

                          The Copy Clinic is a co-writing and editing session where I work directly on your content.

                          Choose the piece of copy you want help with (up to 500 words) and send it through to me a couple of days before our call.

                          I’ll spend time prepping for the call so that we maximise every minute of our time together.

                          During the call (done in Zoom), I’ll edit the content as you watch, as well as make notes and comments for you to follow up with.

                          I’ll record the call so you can reference it at any time.

                          I can get a LOT of editing and ideas generated in 60 minutes, I’ve only recently started realising just how fast and efficient I am at this (I thought everyone worked this way 🤷).

                          I Know This Works…But I Want You To Feel Safe

                          I get that it can feel like a big risk to sign-up to something new – so I want to put your mind as rest.

                          If after signing up for 30 days, you feel like you didn’t get value, I’ll refund your money.

                          All I ask is that you show me you’ve done the work.

                          If you don’t show up to any calls, don’t ask questions, don’t do any of the tasks – then that’s on you.

                          But if you do give it a serious try, and feel like it didn’t help you move forward – that’s on me…and I’ll give you your money back.


                          (3 month payment plan)

                          Ditch ‘Blank Page Syndrome’… forever

                          No more worrying that you’ve got nothing to say – I’ll show you how to create a system that means you’re never stuck for words again.

                          This program is for you if…


                          You know you get results for your clients

                          In my experience, strong copy comes from confidence in your work – and so you’ll see a quicker ROI if you’re not completely new to coaching or therapy


                          You are happy to promote yourself

                          Sales copy only works if you put it in front of your audience.

                          By combining regular promotional and lead-generating activities with writing and sharing a strong offer – you’ll quickly make sales


                          You want to 10x your investment

                          This system will help you to get clarity around the value of your work, so you can price your offers accordingly.

                          If you create and sell an offer that’s worth £500 (or $500), you’ll only need 2 clients to see a positive ROI on this course.

                          I can help you price yourself so you charge AT LEAST this amount (ideally more).

                          And in the long-term, this program will help you to create and sell offers over and over for you business, you should see at least a 10x ROI over the next 6-12 months.

                          In summary, when you sign up you get…


                          A repeatable system for creating and selling profitable offers


                          Hundreds of templates and frameworks to help you with writing headlines, persuasive bullet points, email subject lines, sales copy snippets, and more…


                          Easy to follow frameworks for writing sales pages, opt-in pages and email sequences


                          A complete system for planning and writing your social media content.


                          12 months of feedback and editing support to make sure your copy is persuasive, on-brand and dailled into your audience

                          How Did I Come Up With This?

                          I know your feed and emails are flooded with marketers sharing the latest ‘hack’ or ‘miracle strategy’.

                          I mean, I’ve fallen for my fair share of them too. #helloshinyobjectsyndrome

                          All the other ways of creating content and copy that I’ve tried…brainstorming, templates, systems with spreadsheets and post-it notes and wotnot…none of it sticks. 

                          And I know after speaking to so many coaches, that I’m not the only one. 

                          There’s only so much creative energy for coming up with umpteen variations of what your ideal client is  ‘being kept up at night worrying about’. 

                          I realised one day that the answer was staring me in the face. 

                          In my work as a copywriter, I NEVER use any of those techniques. 

                          Everything I do is fueled by research. 

                          By using testimonials and case studies, or reviews and surveys, I create building blocks that are the foundation of the copy I write. 

                          So why wasn’t I using this approach for my own marketing content?

                          (SIDE NOTE: Don’t you love a eureka moment?!)

                          Once I started applying this copywriter’s approach to marketing, I suddenly had more content than I knew what to do with.

                          Also, like 80% of the work is done for you already.

                          All those feelings of overwhelm? Poof…gone!

                          I then started offering this to my clients. 

                          I consistently got feedback about how dialled in the content is (matching THEIR voice and hitting home with their audience). 

                          I trained up my team members in the same system, and it worked great for them.

                          So now, I’m teaching coaches how to set it up for themselves.

                          A weight off her shoulders, and new clients

                          Lenise is a spiritual life coach, and working with me helped her to narrow down her target audience, and what’s the one or two things to really focus on.

                          That lifted a weight off her shoulders and enrolled more people into her course.

                          More nice words…

                          Ready to learn how to write for your business like a boss?

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                          Get More Sales From Your Online Course or Program

                          This six-point framework will show you the gaps in your messaging, and how to fix them.

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                          75+ Email Subject Lines

                          Over 75 emails subjects lines that you can use for inspiration and brainstorming when staying in touch with your email list.


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                          The Sales PageIntensive

                          Learn how to write a high-converting sales page

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                          RTT Hypnotherapy Taster

                          How to Overcome Visibility Fears and Show Up Consistently

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