Get Two Clients For Your New Coaching Offer In Just 4 Weeks

 I know that sounds too good to be true, but as you’ll see in a moment – a powerfully written offer can generate revenue very quickly.

There’s only one thing standing between you and the income of your dreams.

It’s your ability to articulate to your ideal client EXACTLY how you help them change their life.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the strategies….organic posting, running ads, running challenges, etc, etc

But that’s putting the cart before the horse. 

Without the right offer being presented to the right people, it’s all just busywork that’s grinding you down.

On the other hand, when you properly connect your message to your audience, it’s easy to get more clients.

Get the right words in front of the right people…and you CANNOT fail

A New Client Within Two Weeks

In the second week of the program, I helped Emma write and promote her offer to here existing audience. 

Within a day, she had a new enquiry.

Within a week, she had a new client.

A 5-Figure Launch From A New Offer

Leighton launched a new online program to his existing audience.

He made five-figures straight off the back of that launch, and it’s going to be a long-term 6-figure income stream for his business


The Profitable Offer Launchpad

Create a premium offer and validate it with two (or more) clients

After four weeks, you’ll have:

  • A clearly defined niche of people who are actively looking for the results you provide and are willing to pay for your services
  • A highly targeted offer to attract these ideal clients
  • A marketing system that’s aligned with your personality, energy and values AND gets clients signed up to work with you.

What we cover in the Profitable Offer Launchpad

The three phases we work through together:

Phase 1: The Foundations

Put in place the two pillars that form the foundation of a truly profitable (and transformational) offer


The Messaging Matrix Framework

Learn my 7-step process that teaches you how to think and speak in the language of your audience.

Once you’ve tapped into this system, you banish writer’s block…forever.


Your Signature Process

This is the unique way you take your clients through their transformational journey.

By articulating this clearly, you attract the perfect clients for your offer.

Phase 2: Your Irresistible Premium Offer

Design your money-making premium program and create a powerful sales offer framework


Carve out your own super-specific niche

The subtle art of niching is by far the quickest way to business growth.

By focusing your time and energy on generating results for the people  in this niche, you accelerate your business growth


Design your Predictable Process Framework

Create a structured and predictable process for clients going through your program.

Once you get this clear and weave it into your offer…suddenly you’re no longer shouting into the void.

Instead, your ideal clients see themselves reflected in your offer and know they want to work with you. 


Create a profitable 'offer container'

Charging per hour or per session is physically, mentally and emotionally draining.

Ditch that tired model and replace it with Transformational Offer Pricing.

This allows you to charge more money, get better results for your clients, and create realistic timeframes for working with you.


Write a 'Bullseye Offer'

Learn how to connect with new clients through persuasive language and integrity.

I guide you through the copywriting process I use to ‘sell’ while staying authentic to your brand voice. 

This is a step-by-step process to articulate your offer as a written post to share with your audience.

Phase 3: Promotion and Validation

Your roadmap to fast cash – organic marketing strategies that attract the first 2 (or more!) clients to validate your new premium offer.


The Tiny Audience Strategy

The fastest proven way to get new clients FAST.

This is a technique I’ve used time and time again – from my first freelance business eight years ago, and multiple times in between when launching new offers.

Most recently, this approach earned me £50K in new client work in the space of around 6 months (for one income stream in my business).


The Taster Session

Show prospective clients a small taste of what you.

Those that connect with you will want to continue working with you.

I guide you to only offer your taster sessions to fully qualified leads.

In other words, people who you know are a good fit for your program (rather than freebie seekers who aren’t ready for the work you’re offering).


Connect and Convert

Learn how to run market research calls that effortlessly turn into new clients.

I’ll share ways to fill up your calendar with these ‘warm’ clients-to-be.

You learn what to offer and who to offer it to – while picking clients up along the way.

This is a step-by-step process to get clients for your new program in just four weeks.

Program Delivery

Kick-off strategy call

We hop on a call and map out the best strategy for YOU during our time together.

We take a look at your current offers to either refine an existing one or create something from scratch.

You get a personalised roadmap for working through the program content so that you get maximum results from our time together.

Weekly catch-up calls

Each week we catch up to go through questions or feedback that comes up as you work through your blueprint.

We use this time to either discuss what you’re doing, go through a piece of written content together, or make tweaks to your blueprint where needed.

Personalised Written Feedback

Getting feedback on your written content is one of the cornerstones of this program.

You get access to the dedicated feedback portal exclusively for my copywriting coaching clients.

You upload your written offer, your social media posts, or any other content that’s relevant to the work you’re doing in the program.

I work through your copy, giving edits and direct feedback 

Training Materials

Get lifetime access to four modules of self-study training:


The Messaging Matrix Framework

Seven training videos that teach how to think and write in the language of your audience. Learning this one skill alone will benefit your business forever.


The Bulletproof Offer Framework

A seven-step framework to write a concise and compelling offer for your program. With worksheets, templates and training videos, you learn how to write an offer that speaks directly to your ideal client.


Your Unfair Advantage Blueprint

Exercises and worksheets showing you how to carve out your niche – by aligning your specific talents to your perfect clients


The Fast Cash Outreach Strategies

You get access to three of my proven client-getting strategies that allow you to work through your program with real clients, while refining your offer.


Copy Clinic Session

(Value £250)

Would you like to have a writer who’s been responsible for making serious money for their clients, to run their eyes and brain over your copy?

The Copy Clinic is a co-writing and editing session where I work directly on your content.

Choose the piece of copy you want help with (up to 500 words) and send it through to me a couple of days before our call.

I’ll spend time prepping for the call so that we maximise every minute of our time together.

During the call (done in Zoom), I’ll edit the content as you watch, as well as make notes and comments for you to follow up with.

I’ll record the call so you can reference it at any time.

I can get a LOT of editing and ideas generated in 60 minutes, I’ve only recently started realising just how fast and efficient I am at this (I thought everyone worked this way 🤷)

Why Should You Trust Me?

Hi, I’m Cathy 🙂

I’ve been working in the online space for about eight years now.

I spent five of those years building websites, writing website copy and helping clients to launch courses.

At the beginning of 2020, I decided to niche down and focus on one thing only – sales conversion copywriting for coaches.

Within a week of applying one of my Fast Cash Outreach Strategy, I had my first major copywriting client.

Within a month I’d helped another client quadruple his sales from a 5-day challenge. 

Since then I’ve worked with a number of high-profile clients, and my network of clients keeps growing (all through recommendations). 

Creating this course is my next big step.

The coaching space is where I’ve been hanging out for five years, and it’s an industry I know a lot about. 

I also credit the big shift I’ve had since late 2019 to working with amazing coaches who helped me break down my internal barriers. 

And so writing and teaching copy to specifically help coaches has become my ‘thing’.

The first five people to go through this program get it at the discounted price of £500.

After that, it will cost £1,000.

Price is £500 or 2 payments x £250

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