How Would It Feel To Have Your Sales Page Written By The End Of Next Week?

You bring the ideas, I do the writing.

You went into business because you love what you do, and you want to make an impact in the world.

And then you realised…oh crap!…I’ve got to do all this marketing. All this writing.

And it’s really hard. (It’s OK that it’s hard.)

  • It’s OK to admit you need help to write your own copy. 
  • It’s OK to be confused by the fact that sometimes your words land, and sometimes they don’t. 
  • It’s OK that you struggle to find the words to come across sounding like ‘you’

Trust me, you’re not alone…

Most coaches struggle to write copy for their business

And yet…get them TALKING about what they do – and they light up. 

Here’s what I know about people who are passionate about what they do:

  • You light up and find the words that best explain what you do when someone is asking you meaningful questions (and really listening to what you say) 
  • When you have the opportunity to speak the words out loud, you discover the phrases and angles that truly explain your uniqueness.
  • There’s a powerful energy that’s created when you find yourself articulating what you do, in a way you’ve not really experienced before.

 But when you sit down to write?

 Poof! The words disappear.

 Or worse…they transform into sentences and phrases that don’t sound remotely like something you would say.

 So you put it into the too-hard basket.

 You say you’ll get back to it later. 

 Meanwhile, you’re out there promoting something that you’re not even able to explain properly.

 Which brings us to…

    Why do you need a sale page anyway?

    After all, plenty of people do just fine with social media posts and DMs.

    What’s so good about a sales page though, is that it has everything you need in one place. 

    A sales page (done my way) isn’t just an accessory for your website. 

    Oh nooo…’s way more strategic than that.

    Sales Page Secret #1

    A great sales page has a BIG IDEA. 

     The BIG IDEA is the thread that ties all the copy and ideas together.

    The BIG IDEA is the seed that sprouts the rest of your marketing. 

    • It’s what makes you unique.
    • It’s how you stand out.
    • It’s how you connect with your perfect client.

     Chances are, you don’t have your BIG IDEA worked out yet.

     (Most people don’t).

     Working with me will fix that.

     More on that in a moment…

     Sales Page Secret #2

     You can repurpose the everliving sh!t out of the copy on your sales page.

     Done right (with me!) your sales page has all the element you need for your marketing copy:

    • It touches on multiple pain points
    • It explains what the big outcome is that you provide
    • It explains all the benefits of your services
    • It clearly lists the features
    • It talks about you – your background, experience and USP
    • It lists FAQs
    • It shares bonuses
    • It houses testimonials

     That list up there ^^

     Those are all the things you should be talking about in your marketing – no matter the platform. 

     With a sales page, it’s not just a single asset that reflects who you are, and what you do…

     …but it’s also the gift that keeps on giving when you need content and ideas for other marketing. 

      Is it time to finally get your money-making sales page written and launched? 

      (Fine print: we split it into two sessions…even Magical Writing Brains need a break to regroup and digest).

      So, here’s how it works:

      You and I cosy up on a Zoom call. 

      I’ll write alongside you, so you see how I transform your thoughts into words that suddenly make sense.

      Responding to my verbal nudges…you’re FINALLY able to pull those elusive ideas out of your head. 

      And then…like magic…turn them into ‘copy’ (that sounds much more authentic than any of the templates you’ve been wrestling with).

      Not just any old words though.

      Words that sell. 

      Words that sell…while sounding like you.

      Words that sell…while sounding like you…and getting to the HEART of the impact and transformation you make.

      Imagine that!

      Why do I WANT you alongside me?

      My brain works differently. 

      I do my best thinking when writing.

      (But trip over my spoken words all the time).

      I used to think there was something wrong with this…

      …but I’ve changed my mind.

      I’ve decided that my brain is 1000% wired for writing, and I’m on a mission to put it to good use in the world.

      I do my best copywriting when I have real-time feedback from my clients.

      (Weird, I know).

      I also tend to get bored quickly.

      The traditional back-and-forth when I write for clients means the process drags out (for weeks…sometimes months).

      And I lose the love for the project (#justbeinghonest).

      When we co-create, you get the benefit of downloading your authentic voice straight into the writing. 

      I tap into the heart of my zone of genius and do my best possible work. 

      And by the end of the second session…it is DONE.


      Here’s what you get from our sessions:

      • Your sales page. Written and edited. Most importantly…finished. (Hurrah!)
      • Two sessions (of two hours each) of uninterrupted time with my (slightly weird) brain that is wired to write. 
      • The opportunity to work through your own mental blocks around how to describe the benefits of your work
      • Recordings and transcriptions of the sessions so you can review and pull out any ‘a-ha’ words and ideas that come through for you
      • A Swipe File. All the words, ideas and themes you need at your fingertips for writing social media posts, emails and all the other things going forward

      How it works

      • Preparation pack: I’ll send you through a pack with guidance on what information you need to gather before our session. I’ll not ask you to write anything, just pull together assets you’ve already got (testimonials and review etc.)
      • The Writing Session: The first session is where we map out your sales page, pull out the key features and benefits of your program, decide on the ‘big idea’, and work out your USP.
      • The Editing Session: I weave my editing magic and we finalise and tweak the copy so it’s ready for you to upload onto your website or landing page software.

      Simples 🙂

      No two sessions are the same, everything is completely custom.

      Hi, I’m Cathy

      …it’s really lovely to meet you 👋

      I’ve been working in the online space for about eight years now.

      I spent five of those years building websites. I’ve also built and launched a number of my own online courses.

      It took me a while to realise, but the thread that connected the parts of my work that I enjoyed the most was writing copy.

      So these days, copywriting is my ‘thing’.

      But I’ve got a TONNE of online marketing experience to draw upon, so you’re getting way more than *just* a copywriter with me.

      Some results I’ve gotten for my clients:

      • I’ve written sales pages that increased conversions by 400%. 
      • I’ve written Facebook ads that outperform the originals.
      • I’ve written emails that sell courses and social media posts that attract clients.

      If you hire me to write your copy, you’ll be getting a potent mix of:

      • My innate ‘knack’ for writing (I’ve been at this since I won a writing prize when I was nine years old)
      • The investments I’ve made in learning the skills and science of conversion copywriting
      • ALL my experience in the online world, learning every nook and cranny of marketing, copy and sales…specifically for coaches in the online space

      Case Study: 400% Increase In Conversions

      “And as a result of working with Cathy, we signed up 125 members on our latest launch, usually we have 30. So for me…it’s no coincidence that hiring Cathy to write the sales page made this difference.”

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